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Then 5 Hi Siddharth Rout - I tried extracting content from outlook to excel with your example code and i'm unable to write a code and didnt get the desired solution. But Thank You so much for your time guiding and suggesting me few things in VBA. I have since installed a newer version of Outlook and I have discovered that it does not use the default Inbox. New introduction 1 A number of people have picked up the macro below, found it useful and have contacted me directly for further advice. For each of my email accounts, it created a separate store (named for the email address) each with its own Inbox. This macro, outputs the name of the store holding the default Inbox to the Immediate Window: Sub Dspl Username Of Default Store() Dim NS As Outlook. Following these contacts I have made a few improvements to the macro so I have posted the revised version below.

First paste the below mentioned code in the outlook module. I have added an extra statement to macro "Save Email Details" that shows how to access the Inbox of any store. mail, Network Solutions, Verio, Message Labs (searching 100M emails/week for malware), (a big listserv hub, using qmail since 1996), Ohio State (biggest US University), Yahoo!Groups, Listbot, (Western US ISP), Telenordia, (German ISP), Net Zero (free ISP), Critical Path (email outsourcing service w/ 15M mailboxes), Pay Pal/Confinity, Hypermart.net, Casema, Pair Networks, Topica, My tr, FSmail.net, Mycom.com, and All 50-60 mails coming to my inbox will have same subject but from different users. I'm using Outlook 2010 and Excel 2010 Thanks and all your help will be much appreciated. I referred this [link]stackoverflow.com/q/8697493/1578177, copied whole code into the outlook editor and tried executing those codes, but nothing worked. Since you have not mentioned what needs to be copied, I have left that section empty in the code below. Value = Sender Email Address Row Crnt = Row Crnt 1 . Also you don't need to move the email to the folder first and then run the macro in that folder.

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