Utilizar validatingtype

You can use objects provided by Visual Basic, such as controls, forms, and data access objects.You can also use objects from other applications within your Visual Basic application.You did do it in a polite manner though - saying this just to avoid misunderstandings, I'm not trying to make you look bad. Yes, this is a forum board and many people will come here seeking answers.That is all fine for complex, non-standard or otherwise non-obvious problems.

We should educate our users to read the documentation, where the (quite obvious) answer to your question is explained. The thing is, I don't see where the documentation stated usage of xss_clean is bad.

tiene el acceso al dispositivo físico o a una aplicación móvil que genera los códigos de seguridad necesarios para validar su identidad.

Cada vez que acceda a una página web de miembros VIP, ingrese su nombre de usuario, contraseña y un código de seguridad.

You can determine whether or not the data fails validation by monitoring for the Type Validation Completed event.

Masked Text Box will only perform the check against The following code example attempts to parse the user's input as a valid Date Time.

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