Ryan seacrest and simon cowell dating

Or could it be Simon's gigantic smile we didn't see enough during the audition process. Ever since the series finale hit in April 2016, much of the crew has stayed swamped with a variety of projects.Ultimately, Ryan holds nothing but good memories about a show that launched the careers of Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and many others.Carmen, who was once married to basketball star Dennis Rodman and rocker Dave Navarro, previously revealed she had fallen for the British millionaire after she filled in as a guest judge on Britain's Got Talent. After much speculation Simon Cowell finally confirmed to Ryan Seacrest Wednesday that he's dating Carmen Electra -- but they're not exclusive. When rumors began swirling Electra was dating the music mogul in November, she opened up about their relationship on . "The thing is, we worked together on Britain's Got Talent.

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Simon Cowell, manager of pop star hopefuls and owner of the hot downtown Club Idol, has been framed for a crime he didn't commit.Someone is using Simon Cowell's old methods to steal jewelry from the wealthy summering in the south of France, and only he has the skills to work out who is doing it and stop them before the police send him to jail instead.And rich young American Ryan Seacrest is a distraction he can't afford.Can new kid Kris Allen convince rival divas David Cook and Adam Lambert to work together to clear Simon's name?And what will happen when Simon asks Adam and Kris to "take care" of his boyfriend Ryan for him?

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