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If you have decided she is the one for you, just hold on tenaciously – no matter how bad the ride gets.This may not always be true – but it definitely is more the rule than exception.

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But hot summer flings don’t necessarily go hand in hand with sticky summer weather.

spoke to Bethenny about how relationships can get knotty when a woman out-earns a man, whether or not she's going into the marijuana business, and the fall out from "pajama gate."You mentioned recently on that you think relationships can be more difficult if the woman is the breadwinner. I single-handedly step back 20 years by saying it, but—and I write about this in my book—generally speaking, men define themselves by their career and by being the steward and the provider.

I think that a woman making more money can be intimidating and emasculating. It comes up in day-to-day things in relationships, like you're planning a vacation and who is paying for it? If you're in a relationship and you make more money, then the man should pay for things to show, like they put down their credit card at dinner and maybe you take care of everything at the home.

So if you'd like to know any of 'it all,' come to me and I'll tell you." Season 7, which is Bethenny's first season back on the show since she left in 2010, premieres April 7 at 9 p.m. From the looks of it, Bethenny picked up precisely where she left off five years ago as the straight-talking, no-nonsense Greek chorus of the show; She says all of the things that the viewers are thinking at home., is similarly unvarnished. If you are having trouble getting a guy interested in you, Bethenny is there with 14 bullet-pointed criticisms.

Among other things, you might be: talking to much, talking only about yourself, not talking at all, or acting subservient ("Get a backbone" Bethenny chides).

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